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Igloo Energy Joins Price Switch Guarantee

Southampton-based energy provider Igloo Energy has recently entered the Energy Switch Guarantee or ESG scheme. This initiative has been set up by the trade association Energy UK to ensure that the switching process to a new supplier is easy, smooth, and fair for clients.

Igloo Energy launched as a challenger supplier three years ago and is offering a single SVT or standard variable tariff to over 85,000 domestic clients.

Signing Up to ESG

Igloo Energy has announced that it has taken a big step towards fulfilling its promise to customers by joining the switching initiative ESG to ensure the hassle-free process of changing suppliers for UK customers.


Through the scheme, customers can avail of several benefits, such as a successful switch within twenty-one (21) days from the date of application. They can also expect no disruption on their energy supply while the process is ongoing. The ESG will ensure a seamless billing transition, with a 14-day cooling-off period for the new agreement

The Energy Switch Guarantee allows Igloo Energy to manage the entire switching process for new customers, which means that they can change suppliers in a stress-free manner should they wish to leave their old provider.

Igloo Energy Co-founder and CEO Matt Clemow stated the firm was established to help people consume less energy to make their lives easier. He affirmed the company’s commitment to prioritise the customer’s welfare is the reason for joining the ESG scheme, which could aid the people in selecting the provider that will help reduce energy consumption, lessen their environmental impact and promote savings for long term.

Energy Switch Guarantee Independent Chair Pamela Taylor expressed delight that the association keeps growing with the addition of Igloo Energy as its newest member. She cited the record number of switches consumers made last year, which hit 6.4 million or around 12 switches per minute, as the driving factor for providing a smooth and proper switching process for customers.

Taylor stated the ESG members are dedicated to delivering a quick and straightforward switching scheme to promote the safety and confidence of customers in choosing the best energy deal that suits their preference. The people need not worry about losing supply or the switch itself, or when the final bill will be sent, according to Taylor.


Securing Investments

In addition to joining the ESG, Igloo Energy has made another significant step towards growth by acquiring a £20 million investment granted by a Japanese utility company. Osaka Gas gets a minority stake out of the deal.

Igloo utilises smart home technology in tracking the energy use of a consumer and provides personalised recommendations on energy efficiency that helps the people reduce their power consumption. In September 2019, the firm launched Igloo Works to allow the distribution of hybrid heating technology and smart thermostats to consumers.

Clemow believes the strategic investment made by Osaka Gas will provide invaluable knowledge in the rollout of alternative heating technologies that the Japanese company has already introduced to its customer base. Osaka Gas is one of the largest mCHP or combined heat and power boiler installers in the world.

Clemow further expressed the firm’s satisfaction in partnering with the Japanese company that shares Igloo’s vision for the energy industry.

Eiji Natsuaki, Osaka Gas Company associate director, said they are pleased to form a strategic partnership with Igloo to promote the growth of the latter. He cited the UK’s available renewables facilities and the increasing demand for energy flexibility as the key goals of the collaboration.


Natsuaki stated the company is eager to support Igloo’s strategy to deliver new services to meet the demand-side energy flexibility.

Domestic heating in the UK accounts for about 14% of the nation’s carbon emissions. According to an analysis conducted by Policy Connect, around 20,000 homes per week need to switch towards low-carbon heating from 2025 to 2050 so that the legally-binding net-zero economy goal could be met by 2050.

Igloo says every home requires tailored solutions, although retrofitting homes might bring in more emission savings than installing technologies to new homes.