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Multi Site Energy Contracts

Business utility arrangements can often seem complicated, even more so for larger businesses that have more than one site. Multiple sites means multiple meters, which can often result in an array of different contracts, supplier and contract end dates.

As you can imagine it can prove extremely difficult and also time consuming to manage your energy arrangements if they differ considerably. Additionally, businesses with multiple meters that have different contract end dates are less likely to renew or renegotiate their energy contract and therefore, fall out of contract, resulting in higher out-of-contract rates.

The most ideal and cost effective scenario would be to align each of your sites’ energy contracts. As not only will one supplier and contract end date be easier to manage, but as you are purchasing all of your energy from one place, you will have more negotiating power when it comes to cost. However, this in itself can be a complicated and extremely time consuming task.

Watt We Can Do for You

At Watt.co.uk we have a team of energy specialists who, with the relevant information regarding your meters, can complete a full energy market comparison to source you the most competitive, cost effective energy solution for your business’s needs. Whether this solution is to group all of your sites together, or still use a range of suppliers, we can take care of the entire process for you – leaving you to do what you do best.

Our service doesn’t end when your new energy supply goes live, we will contact you again when you are due for renewal. This will give you enough time to negotiate an alternative energy contract before your current one ends, which will prevent you from paying, far more expensive, out-of-contract rates.

For a hassle-free energy renewal or switch with us, click here. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our advisers, please call us on 0843 903 3201.

We Need the Following Information to Act on Behalf of Your Business:

Letter of Authority

This is required to contact your supplier to obtain details of your consumption and the contract end dates.

Recent Business Bill

Recent bills will contain details of your MPAN, MPR, tariffs and latest meter reads.

Latest Meter Reads

These establish if you are being charged for actual consumption.