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Northern Gas and Power: Bringing Innovation to the Global Energy Market

Northern Gas and Power, an energy procurement and technology consultancy, has been aiding businesses to manage their energy consumption and costs with the use of forward-looking innovations in technology.

The global energy firm, a part of the Global Procurement Group, has made leaps in developing a new and state-of-the-art technology that allows consumers to acquire real-time data of their energy consumption at any given time

Ground-breaking Technology

Northern Gas and Power has made waves in the energy industry as a purveyor of digital transformation in maximising energy resources for businesses. Its latest technology aims to deliver accurate and real-time figures on the customer’s energy usage at their convenience.

The innovation is developed by ClearVUE Systems, the firm’s tech arm based in Malta, and Energy Lab, an IT services provider hailing from India.


The technology enables consumers to control and manage their energy consumption, which includes providing real-time updates on the energy expenditure of every asset. It helps them save up on costs and drive a reduction in carbon emissions.

It is designed to create a pathway towards the UK’s ambitious goal of creating a net-zero economy by 2050. The target is legally-binding and promoted as a collaborative effort of all the key players in the energy industry.

ALPHA. Lite and ALPHA. Pro

Northern Gas and Power recently launched an energy software-as-a-service (e-SaaS) called the ALPHA. Lite that is touted as the first of its kind in the industry today. It is a cloud-based, low-cost platform for monitoring and targeting energy that dispels the need for sophisticated hardware or on-site visits.

The Alpha. Lite delivers valuable insight into a company’s energy expenditure, helping pinpoint any inefficiency to devise a course of action that will improve what’s lacking and reduce energy waste and cost.

Some of the fundamental energy values that can be viewed in the software include kWh, kVA, kW, reactive power, power factor, weather data, cost, and other markers that identify energy waste and available savings. The data can be analysed from half-hourly values to the previous day’s consumption.

The software can be scaled up or down depending on the need, from 1 to 50 meters, and the data can be accessed anywhere at any time.


The ALPHA. Pro, on the other hand, is set to be released in June, which allows users to perform energy management activities across global sites down to a per-second and per-circuit granularity. It will enable businesses to live stream energy data to perform instant actions as necessary.

ClearVUE and Energy Labs designed the ALPHA. Pro to be a cloud-based, next-generation system for energy monitoring and targeting. It provides data to the user, such as costs and energy consumption, before it reaches the energy supplier for processing.

The Alpha. Pro is capable of analysing up to 35 fundamental energy values like kWh consumption, load factor, power factor, current, phase voltage, and others. It’s a comprehensive management system for energy use that helps businesses prevent wastage and promote cost savings.

Northern Gas and Power CEO and founder Fokhrul Islam stated the firm plans to put up an additional office in Malta to house the growing development team from 30 to 50 employees. He also mentioned the hardware development team has grown from 60 to 100 as well.

About Northern Gas and Power

The Northern Gas and Power is a specialist in global energy procurement and technology consultancy with nearly a decade of experience in helping customers save up on costs of rising energy bills.

The NGP has established massive and reliable networks within the utility sector, boasting the distinction of being the fastest-growing firm in northeast England based on Ward Hadaway Fastest 50.

The company is part of the Global Procurement Group that specialises in providing technology and services in the energy industry on a global scale. It serves businesses of all sizes, from blue-chip companies to startups.

The NGP’s latest achievement is being the 25th fastest sales growth in the UK, awarded last November 2019 by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100.