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Why Use a Broker to Switch or Renew Your Business Energy Contract?

People often question whether using a broker to obtain an energy deal for their business is the right step, however, running a business can be extremely time consuming, which ultimately means that searching the market to find the most suitable energy deal can sometimes be put on the back burner. Consequently, businesses often end up paying well over the odds for their energy supply. By using an energy broker, you can eliminate the hassle of having to search for the best deal, but at the same time you can be reassured that you are not paying more than you need to for your utilities. Here are a few key reasons why using an energy broker can be a positive step:



As a direct customer, you do not give the supplier any reason to reduce the price of their energy rates, a broker – for several reasons – does. Firstly, they have access to far more suppliers than direct customers do, this drives down the suppliers’ rates, as they are forced to compete. Secondly, a broker will work with a supplier on a regular basis, providing them with a large portion of their customer base, in return the supplier will offer the broker a ‘valued customer’ discount, which you, the customer, will benefit from. Finally, if the broker is well established, as Watt Utilities Ltd is, they will have built good relationships with a vast amount of suppliers; this will usually lead to lower rates and better energy deals.



Usually a direct customer will not have access to a multitude of suppliers, however, a broker, such as Watt Utilities Ltd, will work with a wide range of suppliers – both large and small – on a regular basis, this will provide the broker with more options in regards to both rates and contracts. In addition to this, all suppliers’ rates and contracts differ, brokers have a thorough understanding of the market, so will be able to understand the different rates, standing charges and terms and conditions associated with each energy deal. A broker will also have up-to-date rates and information, which is highly important when dealing with an industry that can be unpredictable and prices can change regularly.



A broker is independent from any supplier, therefore, the information they provide will not be biased in any way. They are here to provide you with a good service and obtain the most suitable energy deal for your business.


Hassle Free

With the right consent, such as a Letter of Authority (LOA), a broker can handle the entire process for you; they can liaise with both the current and future suppliers and gather all the relevant information essential to the switching/renewal process. They can also handle any complicated issues related to your energy supply, such as having more than one premises or multiple meters. They will keep you informed of your contract end date by contacting you during your renewal period; this will ensure you do not pay ‘out of contract’ rates, which are considerably more expensive, or roll over onto a new contact with your existing supplier.


Here at Watt.co.uk, we have a dedicated team of utility specialists, who have been saving customers money on their utility bills since 2000. In that time we have helped over 855 thousand business owners pocket over £120 million in savings. Our team can help guide you through the process of switching/renewing your utility contract and as we work with a large number of suppliers, we are confident we can obtain the best possible deal for your business.

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